13 What Goes Up Must Come Down

Kylie and Kathryn decided that they were walking down despite it being 1.45pm in the blazing sun. Mezz and I went for another ride. There were a few families launching about, in an orgy of post luncheon expectoration. The ground at our feet is full of lunch leftovers. There were some ingenious little biodegradable plates made of leaves usually used by street vendors. They should have stuck to those leaves. India is drowning in disposable plastics. The chairlifts would start up again at 2pm said the sign. Promptly, at 2.19pm, a commotion erupted. After much gesturing and shouting “one line, one line”, the attendant was peeved to see people form themselves in to 2 or 3 lines. The chairlifts began to move. 

Somehow we found ourselves at the end of the longest line as whole families of queue cutters blatantly shoved passed. It was quite entertaining to watch the boarding. This time the chairlifts appear to be moving even faster. Coming down is made more interesting as the margin for error decreases. If you can’t co-ordinate all your bits and pieces, or you are wearing an elaborate and fluttering sari, you could very well fall off the platform and go splat off the precipice.

I receive some looks of disapproval. Indian modesty requires that respectable females wear an additional sort of fabric across theirs bosoms, like the top part of the sari or the long dupatta (scarf) of the Salwar kameez (Punjabi Suit). LLBean travel pants, a Migros t-shirt and an IMD baseball cap appear to be beneath contempt. Respectable Indian women are appropriately dressed, groomed and accessorised. And they don’t walk; they swish, jingle and sway. As I later learnt, they also pluck, wax and peel with religious regularity. Personal appearance is regarded highly, notwithstanding the unwashed impoverished multitudes. It’s no wonder that the Goans despised the “freaks’ as the hippies who descended on the beaches of Goa were called. 

Soon it was our turn, and luckily it was without incident. We descended to the other 2 ladies behind surrounded by a bunch of curious Indian guys at the chai stall.

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