Instant Gurus, Weekend Masters

May be it’s just me, but I’m a bit nervous about the pletoria of spiritual gurus, holistic coaches, master practitioners on the internet. Take the 3 day course and call yourself a master of something. Pay via credit card and have some one sitting on the other side of the world who claims to have ascended masters read your life….. how to separate the wheat from the chaff?

One thing I know for sure. From my training experience with Russ Hudson and Tim Mclean of the Enneagram Institute, these 2 gentlemen definitely practise what they preach. When a teacher gives of himself/herself without avarice, from the heart, magic happens in the class. There is no need for loud music, no need for hype, no need to jump up and down. The senses are engaged. The mind is tuned in. The heart is open. When the teacher is ready, the students are FULLY PRESENT.

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