Once upon a time…

There was a time not that long ago, when I left Der Schweiz with a backpack and not much else. That tremendous sense of laughter and freedom… I can still taste that with my being.

Standing here at the top of the stairs, I am admiring the gurgling of the water in the fish pond, and vivid green of the urban oasis we built in the house. I’m thinking, this is what I’ve been wanting to build, a space for the community of like-minds, who all want to live life built on meaning and purpose. I am also thinking that here is the opposite moment of that ‘backpack’ moment  of the last that I saw of Switzerland. This is the re-entry into the social-economic scene of normal life.

This is the culmination of 7 years of  journeying the byways and highways of the inner landscape. Of searching for a new way to re-org all the myriad intentions, learnings and impulses to build a safe place for myself and others to explore the full human potential. We are calling it Gallery Helios, Centre for the Art of Mind-Body Wellness. Community. Art. Mind. Body. Wellness.

This is a business. I have shareholders. And fixed costs, but what a beautiful fixed cost, a house in the traditional Peranakan style with a modern interior, a staircase built to visually disappear at nightfall. 4500 square feet with skylights and an airwell. Standing here, I’m mulling over how this has come about.

The Healing Place

In meditation one day, I saw myself sitting in a pavilion on a high place looking over water. It was a space of healing and rehabilitation, a retreat in the mountain. It was simply called The Healing Place. It would also have a city-center Centre, from where the weary  (and the weird ) would find solace and re-charge, or start a deeper journey or climb higher heights. And so here we are, starting part 1.

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