Child of Grief Child of Fear

I do-do-do
I go-go-go
I talk-talk-talk non-stop
so that the hurt-hurt-hurt that lurk-lurk-lurks stays put in the shadow.
I check-check-check-check-check to make sure that
I’m safe-safe-safe-safe-safe-safe-safe
from the unnamed unseen dread of the unknown unformed threat.

I lie-lie-lie
I hide-hide-hide
from the “I” of long ago
the unloved unlovable mass of cancer in your womb.
I scream-scream-scream
I run-run-run-run-run-run
A distance of 30 something years
Still no arms enfold me
No one cries at my tears.

I jive to my jitters,
Pace with my panic,
Tango the tension on tv
If I tremble, I tremble
with my comrades in terror
If I despair, only I despair
If I grief, I grief alone.

Mommy, why did you try to destroy me?
It’s because of my OCD?


Note: Please know that OCD, PTSD and other anxiety disorders can be alleviated with energy psychology techniques.

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