100 Days in the Light


Beloved why do you weep
I’ve found that which we seek
New worlds new sights and indeed
Boundless love wrapped with endless peace

Free the sorrow from your heart
Then you’ll see that we’re not apart
On peaceful nights in silence deep
Into your dreams I often creep

Heal your heart with love sublime
Dry your tears let the knot unwind
In every breath you’ll see the sign
We are made of spirit divine

When I crashed my bike that day
My body broke but I am not dead
Consciousness does not dissipate
My light and my love perpetuate

100 days in the light today
Some day you too will come this way
I pray you trust me when I say
Death does nothing to the soul

Hold that space with love for me
A look, a whisper, a kiss
A breath, a day, a thousand lifetimes.
Love is.

1 January 2012

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