In the Beginning…

October 2008

Had you told me 10 years ago that one day I would have left my life living and working around the world to be a (gasp!) life coach and healing practitioner (what’s that?), working with EFT and Chios, I would have told you you had an other think coming. After all I was enjoying a reasonably successful career with an expat lifestyle in an MNC. Nevertheless 2003 saw me giving away most of my stuff and leaving my life in Switzerland with a backpack and a sleeping bag for a year of care free wandering…. I stayed in monasteries, volunteered, meditated, wrote, and generally allowed the inner child to emerge…. into the Long, Dark Nap Time of the Soul… 4 years in the inferno of my mind.

I had just completed the milestone I set for myself – completing an executive MBA in Lausanne before my 40th birthday, that, and swimming in a Sri Chimoy transcendence event in Zurich….. Over 15 years in the hotel technology industry, I’ve worked and lived in different places around the world. I had a great time, but finally, like many others who work long, erratic hours over a number of years in different time zones, my body-mind grew weary. My soul felt withered. While there was nothing outwardly wrong with me, I felt tired and empty, disenchanted and restless.

Oddly, the MBA was for me a spiritual awakening. There really was a smarter way for individuals and organizations to function in the world. Life is harmonious if guided by simplicitysovereignty and sustainability. Smart companies already do it that way. Certainly individuals from Thoreau to Gandhi to Rumi have always done it, turned against the prevailing tide to forge their own path. So too shall I walk the path less travelled. I thought the spiritual path was going to be all freedom, love and bliss. I thought the right livelihood I was seeking was going to be in a socially responsible MNC. I thought my path was clear and easy.

I was already in the middle when I realized I’d begun. The journey was a decent into the inferno, to face my demons and confront my dark side. There was no going back. It was painful and humiliating. It was infuriating and humbling. It wasn’t the soul that was in trouble, it really was the ego, the “I” and the “I am”.

Every day I faced my “I” and the reality that “I” created. I questioned the universe, god and everyone. I read books and sought out spiritual teachers. I blamed my parents, the government, society. I cried over animals needlessly sacrificed and environment wantonly destroyed. I suffered my righteous sufferings. This was my world of duality, of good and evil, of self and other. 

In looking for help, I found the world of energy psychology and energy healing. Together with buddhist thought and meditation, they are like the super-highway to healing. Meditation brings the mind into concentration and insight. EFT helps to resolve emotional and mental formations that meditative insight brings. Chios meditation charges the body with energy and brings the mind quickly into jhana. I’m not out of the tunnel yet, but I’ve seen the light at the end of it. Join me in my journey. Take my hand, let’s through the tunnel. 
Best regards,
Siewfan Wong

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