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Wandering and wondering about stuff

Evening Reflection

Soft grey day quiets into night
Dawn grew old lost day its light
Lingering or yielding end it must
Unnoticed, unsung, unheard and thus
Each day ends as each day does

Trees blaze scarlet in autumn dusk
Blushing glory fade to rust
Birdsongs hush and shy breeze brush
The air with falling gold and thus
Each day ends as each day does

Anemone Crab

I see you my dear, in your designer shoes, your MBA hung around your neck, like an anchor to the status quo. Drug induced sleep is still sleep. Normal people have normal anxiety, normal unhappiness, normal quiet desperation, don’t they?

I see you weary prince, wearing your hurt like a mantle within your castle walls you pace, misery magnified in each lonely echo, drowning soft laughter floating in through windows too high to see.

I see you anemone crab, beautifully armed with the toxins of another, trapped within your soft shell, helplessly scavenging the debris for morsels decaying and dead. Eyes looking up at the endless blue wondering what floats above the waves.

No, it’s not fatal.




Total Eclipse of the Moon

Forging ahead you seek the one who meets your eyes
Unadorned intensity empty of all disguise
The one who reads the meaning of your gaze
Who shares your path and stays unfazed

Standing still you wait for a star to guide your way home
The one who knows your heart and mirrors your mind with his own
Lost in the enchanted forest too tired to roam
The white rabbit on the dark side of the moon, you feel so alone

Almost Chinese Food?

Exploration dive, fast current, outer reef. Out of the gloom, a sudden tangle of writhing, tumbling, biting sharks. Feeding frenzy or mating dance? Pumping adrenalin, racing heart. Drift dive, no brakes, too late, we’ve been tossed into their midst. Oops, Chinese food on the menu today? They scattered faster than we could scream our soundless scream.  Mess of panicky bubbles, tangle of unwieldy limps. Cross-check, we are all intact. Gorgeous, powerful creatures, alpha predators of their domain, invoke our memory of life untame.

High on hormones, drugged by danger, bewitched by beauty;
intoxicated with the dance of life and death.
Live life, poke caution in the eye.
Live, love, turn towards the sky.
Fly, high, without a net, embrace shadow, brush death with a kiss.

So there’s a chance to crash and burn, so what, we live and die, to live and learn.

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