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Wounded Child

Whisperings of things unseen, unspoken and unheard. Lacerations consistently applied over time feels normal and we will perpetuate it against ourselves even when the primary perpetrator is done.

Shame, shame, shame, self-condemnation, exiled into the desert.
Will someone come find me?

I wait…
I wait…
I wait…

The child stops when there is no answer to his cries. He gives up and lies down to die.

And aunty says to the corpse, “what a quiet, obedient child, but so scared, so dull”.



Click here for Healing for the Wounded Child


Wild Weed

The child stops when there is no answer to his cries. He gives up and lies down to die.

The wild weed is wrenched from the earth. Loosing the struggle for survival, ousted, eradicated, trampled into unimportance and non-existence. Lines in the sand erased by the tide of history just as the soul cries out “I am”, history says “don’t think so”.

And Dad says to the corpse, “now that is how a child should be, quiet, obedient, obliging”.


History Revisits

Tinkling, gurgling, cackling laughter

Bridging generations, crossing cultures

History revisits, myths relived

The kids glimpse the patriach’s youth

Sister-in-laws let loose is a situation best avoided

if you’ve ever mooned a video camera while intoxicated



Child of Grief Child of Fear

I do-do-do
I go-go-go
I talk-talk-talk non-stop
so that the hurt-hurt-hurt that lurk-lurk-lurks stays put in the shadow.
I check-check-check-check-check to make sure that
I’m safe-safe-safe-safe-safe-safe-safe
from the unnamed unseen dread of the unknown unformed threat.

I lie-lie-lie
I hide-hide-hide
from the “I” of long ago
the unloved unlovable mass of cancer in your womb.
I scream-scream-scream
I run-run-run-run-run-run
A distance of 30 something years
Still no arms enfold me
No one cries at my tears.

I jive to my jitters,
Pace with my panic,
Tango the tension on tv
If I tremble, I tremble
with my comrades in terror
If I despair, only I despair
If I grief, I grief alone.

Mommy, why did you try to destroy me?
It’s because of my OCD?


Note: Please know that OCD, PTSD and other anxiety disorders can be alleviated with energy psychology techniques.


He laughs too long, and talks too loud, his smile fails at his cheeks. Teeth, a chemical white, lips dripping honey, eyes dropping scorn on all.

Unmask. Dismount.  Check your ego at the door. We have no oranges, no bananas, no altar, we have no need of false gods here.