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It is what is

The mountain is a mountain is not a mountain is a mountain, winking in and out of existence, moment to moment in endless beginnings.

Yes, yes, I get it. I loose it. I get. I get that there is nothing to get. It just is. And I still loose it. Because there is still “I” and there’s “it”.

It is what is, what it is, is what we make out of it. Ups can be downs, bad can be good. Winking, winking, winking.


That which is awareness is greater than consciousness

That which is conscious is greater than mind

That which is mind is greater than mental formations

That which is mental formation is based on reaction

That which is reaction is based on perception

That which is perception is based on perspective

That which is perspective is limited

That which is limited is illusion

That which is Illusion is transformed by wisdom

That which is wisdom arises from awareness


Eclipses and Consciousness

Sonnenfinsernis by Michael Karrer

Following the finger to the cloud-shrouded moon
The light is dark since dusk and soon
The watery orb up in rain-soaked shadows
Chandra is lost as Rahu swallows

Following the vastitudes of “me” and “I”
Clouds that whirl around “mine” and “my”
Close your eyes quiet your mind
Deconstruct space deconject time

Drenched In the light of pure consciousness
No bells or whistles, no angelic choruses
Just the deep joy of realization upon your cheek
It is the sun that shines in the moon that you seek

Nothing to fear no need to run
Consciousness shines shadows undone
In the deep darkness that Rahu has won
When we loose sight of the moon and sun

Meditation 101:
Consciousness is;
Even in the total eclipse of the sun.