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Almost Chinese Food?

Exploration dive, fast current, outer reef. Out of the gloom, a sudden tangle of writhing, tumbling, biting sharks. Feeding frenzy or mating dance? Pumping adrenalin, racing heart. Drift dive, no brakes, too late, we’ve been tossed into their midst. Oops, Chinese food on the menu today? They scattered faster than we could scream our soundless scream.  Mess of panicky bubbles, tangle of unwieldy limps. Cross-check, we are all intact. Gorgeous, powerful creatures, alpha predators of their domain, invoke our memory of life untame.

High on hormones, drugged by danger, bewitched by beauty;
intoxicated with the dance of life and death.
Live life, poke caution in the eye.
Live, love, turn towards the sky.
Fly, high, without a net, embrace shadow, brush death with a kiss.

So there’s a chance to crash and burn, so what, we live and die, to live and learn.

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