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Eclipses and Consciousness

Sonnenfinsernis by Michael Karrer

Following the finger to the cloud-shrouded moon
The light is dark since dusk and soon
The watery orb up in rain-soaked shadows
Chandra is lost as Rahu swallows

Following the vastitudes of “me” and “I”
Clouds that whirl around “mine” and “my”
Close your eyes quiet your mind
Deconstruct space deconject time

Drenched In the light of pure consciousness
No bells or whistles, no angelic choruses
Just the deep joy of realization upon your cheek
It is the sun that shines in the moon that you seek

Nothing to fear no need to run
Consciousness shines shadows undone
In the deep darkness that Rahu has won
When we loose sight of the moon and sun

Meditation 101:
Consciousness is;
Even in the total eclipse of the sun.

Total Eclipse of the Moon

Forging ahead you seek the one who meets your eyes
Unadorned intensity empty of all disguise
The one who reads the meaning of your gaze
Who shares your path and stays unfazed

Standing still you wait for a star to guide your way home
The one who knows your heart and mirrors your mind with his own
Lost in the enchanted forest too tired to roam
The white rabbit on the dark side of the moon, you feel so alone

Musings at 3 am

I’d just meditated on the breath… we breathe in, hold, and then we need to breath out – receive, hold, release, repeat – or die.

In love, we receive, hold and release the object of our love in the eternal moment of each now, in fact we are different every moment and so is he/she, so different people meet, receive, hold and release one another each eternal moment, hence we have eternal love. Otherwise it stagnants and dies. Or one lives carrying the past. Or the fabric of time-space tears.

But it bloody hurts like hell sometimes, just that the one who hurts is not who we usually think it is, since each moment is a new “I”. We just continually in each moment identify with the hurt, giving the illusion of a hurting “I”, kinda like the video clips I’d just been editing, each frame a separate moment, edited to make some kind of coherent story.

Connection and attachment are not conjoint. We can honour the connection, but we don’t make it an attachment, a chain that binds.

Sirius Black: “…. but know this; the ones that love us never really leave us. And you can always find them in here [puts his hand to Harry’s heart].” Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban


“I have nothing to offer….” you said….

Precious Soul, offer your presence; your clear eyes, bright gaze, unencumbered curiosity; hesitant courage blossoming into courageous vulnerability; radiating innocence, acceptance, simplicity. Precious Soul, offer your presence.

Precious Soul, offer your open heart, your proclivity to love and be loved; your childlike authenticity, your refreshing trust and deep profundity. Precious Soul, offer your presence.

Precious Soul, offer your lucidity; the clarity of your conviction, and the conviction behind your clarity, strength to resist the urge, when all you want to do is merge, back into the welcome of those you love, they who are sound asleep. Precious Soul, offer your presence.

Precious Soul, your heartbreaking purity, a disarming smile dispels doom; the salt breeze freshens a dank, stale room. Precious Soul, offer your presence.

I remember you from beyond the bridge across forever. That day we said goodbye standing at the edge of time, your smile held mine. We’ll meet again, my father, my sister, my child; my teacher, my lover, my friend. Your presence enfold me; through the ages of the world you hold me. Precious Soul, offer your Presence.

I see you are awakening soon. I kiss your eyes and steal away, lest you startle awake too soon. When the seasons change and we drop our masks again, dissolve into pure essence again, we will see that we have always been. Precious Soul, in the silent stillness now, I offer you my Presence.

Caffeine and Clarity

Clouds of emotions identified as I, my, me, mine. Patterns of disruption, created at an earlier time. *It really doesn’t have to be this way.

Emotions, embrace them softly.
Perspectives, hold them lightly.
Enemies, treat them gently.
Identity, wear it loosely.

*Paraphrasing Russ Hudson, Enneagram Institute