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It is what is

The mountain is a mountain is not a mountain is a mountain, winking in and out of existence, moment to moment in endless beginnings.

Yes, yes, I get it. I loose it. I get. I get that there is nothing to get. It just is. And I still loose it. Because there is still “I” and there’s “it”.

It is what is, what it is, is what we make out of it. Ups can be downs, bad can be good. Winking, winking, winking.


That which is awareness is greater than consciousness

That which is conscious is greater than mind

That which is mind is greater than mental formations

That which is mental formation is based on reaction

That which is reaction is based on perception

That which is perception is based on perspective

That which is perspective is limited

That which is limited is illusion

That which is Illusion is transformed by wisdom

That which is wisdom arises from awareness


Eclipses and Consciousness

Sonnenfinsernis by Michael Karrer

Following the finger to the cloud-shrouded moon
The light is dark since dusk and soon
The watery orb up in rain-soaked shadows
Chandra is lost as Rahu swallows

Following the vastitudes of “me” and “I”
Clouds that whirl around “mine” and “my”
Close your eyes quiet your mind
Deconstruct space deconject time

Drenched In the light of pure consciousness
No bells or whistles, no angelic choruses
Just the deep joy of realization upon your cheek
It is the sun that shines in the moon that you seek

Nothing to fear no need to run
Consciousness shines shadows undone
In the deep darkness that Rahu has won
When we loose sight of the moon and sun

Meditation 101:
Consciousness is;
Even in the total eclipse of the sun.


“I have nothing to offer….” you said….

Precious Soul, offer your presence; your clear eyes, bright gaze, unencumbered curiosity; hesitant courage blossoming into courageous vulnerability; radiating innocence, acceptance, simplicity. Precious Soul, offer your presence.

Precious Soul, offer your open heart, your proclivity to love and be loved; your childlike authenticity, your refreshing trust and deep profundity. Precious Soul, offer your presence.

Precious Soul, offer your lucidity; the clarity of your conviction, and the conviction behind your clarity, strength to resist the urge, when all you want to do is merge, back into the welcome of those you love, they who are sound asleep. Precious Soul, offer your presence.

Precious Soul, your heartbreaking purity, a disarming smile dispels doom; the salt breeze freshens a dank, stale room. Precious Soul, offer your presence.

I remember you from beyond the bridge across forever. That day we said goodbye standing at the edge of time, your smile held mine. We’ll meet again, my father, my sister, my child; my teacher, my lover, my friend. Your presence enfold me; through the ages of the world you hold me. Precious Soul, offer your Presence.

I see you are awakening soon. I kiss your eyes and steal away, lest you startle awake too soon. When the seasons change and we drop our masks again, dissolve into pure essence again, we will see that we have always been. Precious Soul, in the silent stillness now, I offer you my Presence.

Moonflower Contemplation

Moonflower - Epiphyllum oxypetalum

He stole in with the moonlight, fair of face, clear of brow, this beautiful crystal child. Innocent eyes hooded by the wisdom of a much older soul, he came asking questions of the universe. Conversations without words, movement without motion, he sits in stillness, at once in this Here and in the stream of infinity. Ignorant potential, or realized Nothingness?

I watch him retrace the path to full perfection, at once vulnerable and invincible in his glory. We can only meet the moonflower if we stay awake. To taste the sweetness of his unfolding, to drink his fragrance and bask in his beauty; the heart is quenched with delight.

He’s here to grace this one night; sleep and he’s gone by morning light.